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Log Data

Logs are an important part of the quality control system. Cannlytics is built to provide true traceability. Two core principles of our philosophy are:

  1. Never throw away data.
  2. Archive everything.

Cannlytics logs provide an immutable ledger. Every action involving data is known, kept, and tracked along with the unique ID of everyone who interacted with the data. If a change occurs, then there is a log of who made the change, when, and where. Furthermore, the Cannlytics traceability engine logs the source of inputs. Therefore, in addition to tracing where inventory is at any given time, you can trace what consumables and instruments are used for any given analysis. If something were to go wrong, then you can figure out exactly where in the process the deviation occurred. You can track everything back to the source, knowing exactly where things come from and where things went.

The key is a well-structured database. Leveraging a NoSQL database, Cannlytics is able to store a phenomenal number of logs and extraordinarily low cost. The value of the data, having traceable, rich lab results, far outweighs the cost of the lightweight data storage. You have access to rich logs that can be used to discover trends, outliers, abnormalities, and other non-obvious relationships.