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Get Started with Cannlytics

Cannlytics allows you to utilize a variety of user interfaces with the suite of Cannlytics software.

Creating an account

First things first, you can create a Cannlytics account to get started with analysis.

Get started with the Cannlytics LIMS

The Cannlytics laboratory information management system (LIMS) allows labs that test cannabis to receive samples, perform analyses, collect and review results, and publish certificates of analysis (CoAs). Cannlytics makes lab results and CoA PDFs available through a client portal and with private links. With a cherry top, Cannlytics allows you to integrate and communicate directly with any state-mandated traceability system.

Get started with Cannlytics as a cultivator, processor, or retailer


Cannlytics is still under development for cultivators, processors, and retailers. Please stay tuned for rich analytics coming soon. Please email for an estimated release date.