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Cannlytics Simple Cannabis Analytics

Welcome to Cannlytics, simple cannabis analytics, from laboratory software to powerful predictions models for cultivators, processors, and retailers. We believe that simple, easy, end-to-end analytics and accessible data provides enormous value to many people. We believe that everyone in the cannabis industry should be able to access extensive, valuable data quickly and easily and that you will be better off for it. So, Cannlytics is here to provide our tools and know-how to provide value to you and in return, if you find value, then you can contribute to help the value continue to flow. Here you can find information to point you in the right direction for your task at hand. There is a lot of freedom at your fingertips. This documentation covers the Cannlytics platform from end-to-end, for both users and developers. You can view the platform live at to start analysis.


For labs, Cannlytics provides a user-friendly interface to quickly:

There are also tools for:

For everyone else, Cannlytics provides cannabis data, statistics, and information. The Cannlytics console allows you to explore analytics for your cannabis products. You can integrate powerful analytics into your current workflow and access your data quickly and easily.

What is Cannlytics Story?

Keegan Skeate

Cannlytics envisions providing laboratories around the world with modern, utility-filled, open source software to help make cannabis testing simple and easy. Cannlytics, the jet engine of cannabis analysis, has been built from the start with true traceability systemically engrained in every facet. In the Winter of 2020, a sole developer, Keegan Skeate, undertook the crafting of the Cannlytics platform to help make cannabis testing simple, easy, and accessible. Since then, the team has grown and Cannlytics is now a hearty community of developers and scientists dedicated to sharing their knowledge to create value, help people, and advance cannabis science.

Keegan Skeate

I would like to help people access lab data easier in the lab, for the lab's clients, for the retailers of the clients, and for the end consumers. My mission is help connect people to their laboratory data. From the time data is generated from a scientific instrument, there is a long pipeline to get the data to the end consumer. In a nutshell, the data is often transcribed by a lab analyst, entered into an Excel spreadsheet, funneled into a database, looked at by multiple people, put on a certificate, then emailed or delivered through a portal to the client. The client, a wholesaler, then has to relay the certificate to their retailers. By this point, the chain is so convoluted that consumer's can not quickly review actual lab results. So, there is interesting and potentially valuable lab data at different bottlenecks, but poor system communication often renders it useless. I would like to help everyone access lab data easier, from people in the lab and people who use labs to consumers of lab-tested products.

What is Cannlytics Philosophy?

Users are encouraged to have their own kit of Cannlytics, since Cannlytics is a set of helpful tools that can empower your lab with a simple cannabis testing process. A good idea should be easy and simple to explain. Therefore, Cannlytics strives to provide software that makes cannabis testing easy by making data collection and certificate of analysis creation easy. Programming is for everyone. Everyone should be able to contribute to or modify their laboratory software, if they desire. Analysts, chemists, marketers, and managers should all be empowered to explore, tinker, adapt, and improve their LIMS. A primary purpose of the Cannlytics platform is to make your data accessible. You should be able to understand your laboratory software, how it collects result, and how results are stored. You can inspect what the Cannlytics platform is doing at every step of the way to keep you empowered with how your lab tests cannabis.

The Zen of Cannlytics 🙏

  1. Simple is better than complex.
  2. Now is better than never.
  3. There should be one, and preferably only one, way to do something. Although that something depends on the situation at hand.
  4. Beauty is a virtue.
  5. Code is read more often than it is written, so readability matters.
  6. The top 3 rules of coding are: reuse, reuse, reuse.
  7. The # 1 rule of data science is look at the data.
  8. Never throw away data.
  9. The tortoise beats the hare.
  10. Don't repeat yourself.

Value for value 🤝

We hope that we provide you with a lot of value. If you want to send us a portion of your value so that we can continue to provide you with value, then you can make a small contribution to the Cannlytics team.

Transparency 👐

Part of the scientific process is presenting your methods to show how you reached your conclusion. Cannlytics takes cannabis testing transparency to the next level, presenting all software for your clients and the public to judge its robustness. At Cannlytics, we believe that if your process is solid, then it should withstand scrutiny. Furthermore, transparency ensures that system security is secure by design.

Python is Awesome 🐍

Ultimately we believe that technology should be:

  • Approachable
  • Really easy to learn.
  • Really easy to use.
  • Really easy to install.

We strive for:

  • Simplicity.
  • Easily read source code. Code should read like english.
  • Writing fast. We're perfectionist with deadlines after all!
  • Versatility: automation, web development, etc.

The faster you get the app out the better, because development is an iterative process. The Python core allows for lab teams to build custom workflows directly in the Cannlytics platform. Furthermore, you can superpower your lab with data science and automation.

Why Cannlytics?

Cannlytics' vision is that cannabis testing can be done simply, easily, reliably, efficiently, and can even be fun by making data accessible from end-to-end. We believe that you can automate nuisance tasks and free up your time for science.

How to get started?

In the next 5 minutes, you can:

If you are a user, then:

  1. First, you can create a Cannlytics account at
  2. Second, join or create an organization after you have signed into your account. You can optionally register for support if you are the owner of an organization.
  3. Begin analyses.

If you are a developer, then you probably want to begin with the development guide.